My Anxiety Tool Box

Inner Work Can Suck

Tools to overcome anxiety


First you must understand the very basic of how the mind works.  The Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind. 

Conscious Mind

This is the mind that teaches you a new skill.  Let’s say for example Driving a Car.  First you learn to look in the mirrors, how to work the clutch, the gears, the signals and you learn the rules of the road.  You have so much to think about, so you are fully engaged with the conscious mind.  Once you have been driving a while you soon don’t have to think about driving, you may find you drive to work and don’t even know how you got there.  So how is your mind able to think about other things, such as what your having for tea or where your going out after work whilst your driving?? Your subconscious mind has taken over and has driven…

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