The Science of Happiness


Can we really train ourselves to become Happier??

Why this is what I am finding out and have daily rituals in order for me to become happier, I am not saying I am always happy, but I tend not to stick around too long in negative emotions.  This is what my mindfulness practice has taught me over the years.

Our happiness level is a result of a complex interatction of genes, behaviours and whats going on in our lives at a specific moment int itme.  And while each of us has a genetic set point for happiness in the way we do for weith, we have the ability to offset it, which brings us to the most impostant takeaway from the scientific research.  You have the power to take control of your happiness by choosing your thoughts, behaviours and actions.  This is a skill and needs to be developed each day much like an athlete trains their body.

Personally for me I find that daily mindfulness exercises, listening to motivational speakers, working out, dancing, playing and generally not taking life too seriously.  Doing little things each day to make a positive difference.

Thought Journal * Gratitude Notes * Sticky Notes of Mirrors * Affirmations * Incantations * Laughing * Pretending to be someone else(Someone you admire who just loves life)  Mirror their behaviour when you feel yourself in a low spot and fake it till it feels real.


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